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Made in the Czech Republic Serviced in the USA

Valach motors  are the Czech manufacturer of the finest miniature 4-stroke gas engines, serviced here in the USA. Substantial investments in manufacturing and repair equipment, test facilities, employee training and the like have been made by us.  The goal is to provide you an exceptional experience, quick turnaround and friendly service.

Valach Motors

4-stroke single cylinder engines

4-stroke opposed twins

4-stroke inline motors

4-stroke radials

Service available both through our US location and Czech Republic, offering you a 18 hour service window for phone support

2 year manufacturer warranty

Intelligent electronic ignition

The SCALE sound

The lowest possible fuel consumption


Valach motors come with everything needed to run the motor, including the intelligent electronic ignition


VALACH MOTORS success is based on perpetual innovation and the fact that their product development and quality control have at all times met the highest standards for precision, material properties and mechanical characteristics - designed and made in Czech Republic, serviced in the USA by Vogelsang Aeroscale.


For many decades the people behind Valach motors  have been recognized both as innovators and manufacturers of model gas engines. The designer Zdenek Vlach produces marvels of engineering, engines that demanding modellers have been waiting for - for a very long time. The owner, Mr. Fiala, is a real RC enthusiast with decades o professional background.


Performance and Sound

Due to being a four stroke the low vibration is nothing but sensational and torque is incredibly high. The response to the throttle being opened is so smooth without the slightest attempt to surge, making the Valach engines absolutely ideal for your radio controlled models.

Being a four stroke with a large capacity they produce a very realistic full-size aircraft sound.

Intelligent Electronic Ignition Unit

The Valach microprocessor controlled ignition with auto advance and retard offer an incredibly strong spark combined with many modern safety features such as a safety spark mode on start-up and a safety time-out in case of non-operation.

After Sales Service and Support

Vogelsang Aeroscale has made substantial investments in manufacturing and repair equipment, test facilities, employee training and the like. We are in constant discussion with Valach in regards to latest innovation, new products and latest findings on existing products. The goal is to provide you an exceptional experience, quick turnaround and friendly service, all of this under the helm of our main service technician Julian Mashburn.  We believe this level of commitment is crucial for your enjoyment of Valach products.

FIALA propellers are the props for the successful operation of all VALACH MOTORS, please contact us should you want more information...

We WILL take the time needed to make you an expert in the Operation and Maintenance of the VALACH MOTORS you purchase from us and share all of our know-how with you

Dr. Götz Vogelsang uses most if not all of the

VALACH MOTORS in his own model airplanes.

He not only offers these fine motors to the RC enthusiast, he operates them himself with the greatest success and notoriety

We have all but the 800cc and 1250cc radials in stock at all time and an ever expanding line-up of exhaust solutions and all needed accessories - even the ones you thought you do not need or do not exist